The Thrive Box

The BEST subscription care package for high school and college students!


Just because they are older doesn't mean they no longer need support.  In fact, this might be the time in their lives where they need it the most!


The Thrive Box encourages them to stay positive & take time each month to pause & reflect on how they are doing. 



The Thrive Box is another opportunity to connect with your teen.  Just a little reminder of how much you love them and want them to THRIVE.

Don't miss the chance to connect with your young person and remind them that not only do you hope that they are "OK" -

but that you want them to THRIVE!

order the thrive box today

Only $16.99/month!

We got our first Thrive Box today & I can't tell you how wonderful it is!  Everything inside is so uplifting and encouraging.

My niece just got her first Thrive Box and loved it so much that she ordered one for her best friend!  Thank you so much!

Every month I look forward to my daughter calling me to share what was in her Thrive Box!  She is always so excited.

What's in the box? follow us on IG for sneak peeks: @gen_thrive

Something to encourage them to make the best of things.

We have included things like a watercolor set, a mini zen garden - it's something different every month! The October Box includes SLIME! Why?!?!? Well not only is slime fun, trendy and nostalgic - it actually helps relieve stress for many.

Something to inspire them.

In your first box you get a beautiful wooden picture holder along with a card that has a carefully selected motivational quote on one side and a picture of my wonderful and amazing therapy dog "Bigfoot" on the other. We hope the quote encourages them and the picture of Bigfoot makes them smile. Each month they will get a new card to put into their picture holder!

A little treat!

Ok any care pacakge better have some food in it right?!? The October treats will for sure remind them of campfires and fall festivals from their childhood. Or maybe even campfires and traditions they want to create for their future.


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  • The Thrive Box is a monthly subscription box designed to provide encouragement and positivity in the lives of our teens.  

  • For new orders - the monthly cuttoff to order is the end of each month.  So the cuttoff for the Sept box is Aug 30th.  

  • Renewals will automatically be billed on the 6th of each month.  Subscribers can log into their account at any time to cancel or make changes to their subscription - including skipping months or changing addresses.


If you ever have any questions or need help with any of this - please email me at


Thanks so much!

Check out A PREVIOUS thrive Box!

While this box is no longer available, it will give you a great feel for what to expect!