How students earn service hours with Generation Thrive 101:

Generation Thrive 101 exists as a response to the new reality that our young people find themselves in.  Young people are willing and able and ready to serve, but it has become much harder to do so with all the restrictions facing our communities. 

After working for one of the nations largest non-profits for 15 years, most of that time working with students who were earning service hours - I knew there HAD to be a way to meet this need.  Generation Thrive 101 takes students through a course that has them explore their strengths, weaknesses, values, wellness all while putting what they learn to use through service.  

Because it's a nation-wide program, our students are serving communities and organizations throughout the country.  And that's an incredibly important aspect of the course - for them to serve those closest to them and those that they feel most connected to.  It really does make the experience more meaningful.

For students in our course to have their service projects approved, they must submit photo evidence of their project as well as a debrief, where they give a summary of the project and how it impacted them.  They have agreed to a policy of honesty and integrity and know that if that is found to be an issue, we will not approve of the hours they have claimed to serve with us.

Through this course I have seen students engage in thoughtful and meaningful service to local organizations, neighbors, families and the environment.  And we're just getting started!

A sample of some of the service projects our students have completed:

After a lesson on the impact trash has on our environment and the difference it would make if everyone did their part.

After a lesson on resiliency, our students were asked to spend some time and write a letter to support an educator in their lives.  

After a lesson that discussed perspective, students were asked to go through their belongings and donate them to an organization in their community that they researched.

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