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The goal is to bring encouragement and positivity to the door of the high school or college student in your life.  It's that simple and that complicated at the same time!


1.  Quote/Photo Art for living space.

Always featuring Bigfoot the Great Dane on one side and a carefully selected quote on the other.  The goal is just to provide something that makes them smile when they see it!

On your first shipment you will receive a photo card holder.  The idea is that each month you get a new photo card to place in it! 


2. An activity that encourages creativity and reflection.  

In May, recipients received a watercolor set and a Bigfoot template to paint.  The watercolor set can be used over and over again!

Again, the goal is a smile and an excuse to spend a few minutes doing something that encourages creativity and gives the mind a chance to slow down a bit.  


3. What we call a "treat" - because everything in moderation!

In May, we took a classic icebreaker game to the Thrive Box.  Hopefully as teens enjoy their treat, they will give some thought to the prompt questions.

There's so much going on these days, the chance to just think about the things that bring you joy and gratitude is an important practice we could all use more of!