once/week for 5 weeks - via zoom - $100

This all new course is being offered in response to the reality of our teen's new learning environment & with the belief that

they  need more than academics...


Ideal for high school students that:

  • want an opportunity to become more connected to their community and earn service hours

  • want an opportunity to connect with people and learn self care activities during this crazy time

  • have an innate desire to be the best possible version of themselves

What the student's themselves are saying:

Very informative and refreshing!

I really like the community service activity, thanks for thinking of something super cool.

Thank you for this opportunity, you make the class enjoyable!

Frequently asked questions

How much does this course cost?

The course fee is $100 which you pay for when you register.

Is the course prerecorded or live?

This is a live course tought via zoom. The interaction among fellow students and the instructor are an important component of the class.

Who are the course instructors?

Course instructors are carefully selected and have a range of backgrounds. Each instructor's full profile can be viewed on our website so you can find the best match for you. The absolute most important factor in selecting instructors is their genuine desire to work with high school students and be a positive influence on their life.

What if I can't be at all the classes?

By registering for a class, you are committing to being available at the time of the class. There are no refunds or prorates for missed classes as you have reserved that spot in the class.

Will I be able to earn service hours through this course?

Yes, through this course you will be given the opportunity to earn service hours that we verify. The service hours do not take place during the class time themselves. They are the "homework" of the course.

How many service hours will I be able to earn?

The truth is that it's entirely up to you! There is certainly opportunity to earn a lot of service hours for a self motivated, highly driven person. However, we hope that our students all earn 12-15 hours during their time in this course.

Will my hours count for school/scholarships?

Bottom line... We make NO promises. This course is attended by high school students from all over the country. You need to check with your school and their requirements, as well as follow any protocols they have in place to make sure your hard work will satify their requirements.

What kind of volunteering will I be doing?

During class each day we will go through activities that help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and how to use this knowledge to maximize your portential. As we go through each class, we might discuss different topics that then lead to a homework assignement. For example, we may discuss populations that are being highly impacted during the pandemic (lets say seniors). We may then discuss ways to help this population (lets say we could write them cards). The homework that day would be to actually do this project. Students in the class would implement individual projects. Someone who is really creative and artistic might make drawings with positive quotes to take to the senior center. Someone who is a gifted musician might arrange to do a zoom recital for their local senior center. You can see how the projects would be different, yet very meaningful. We provide a system to submit your project specifics and proof to approve your service hours.

What happens after the 5 week course?

Well... we're still working on that. But our hope is to provide an option where you can continue to serve your community with the support of this team to verify your hours in an ongoing manner. More to come on this!

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