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Hey there - I’m Marilyn and I have a hard stop on my social media scroll for any Glennon Doyle post because her words are like gold.  Just like you, I was on the PTA when my kids were in kindergarten and I have spent more hours driving carpool than I would ever want to admit.  To this day the best gift I could get for mothers day would be a handwritten card from my kid or a picture from a family vacation.  


When my kids turned into tweens I found that it was hard to get them out of their room and off their phones.  They said they were ok, but I wondered if that was true.  I tried to use all the Mary Poppins life lessons to figure them out.  But I knew there had to be more.  Chances are you’re afraid to research words like depression or mental health because you are afraid of what you will find.  


But if you’re here, I already know you aren’t  afraid of the tough conversations because you know that that’s what has gotten you this far.  You also know that once we face the scary things - like a baby sleeping through the night or our kid’s first sleepover - it’s really not that scary anymore.  I’m here to show you - with honesty, bravery and hope beyond all measures - that it’s going to be ok.  Here’s to the next frontier of your parenting journey.  I’m so glad you’re here!

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